Posted on: October 27, 2011 10:33 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2011 5:51 pm

Points For 10-31-2011 (My Roster)

The reason for this blog is so that I can document my fantasy analysis. I tend to think Im pretty good at it.

Matt Hasselbeck- (My bye week QB)
Playing the Colts, Im not going write stats, Rather points. Horrible pass defense, decent WR's. As long D Williams is playing.
Im guessing 19 points, +/-4

Freddy Jackson- Fantasy Stud that I drafted in the 8th round.
Playing the Redskins. Always good for over 14 points. With the exception of week one.
Decent run defense. And when I say decent, i mean on the lower end of decent.
My projection is 16 points +/- 6. On the higher side though.-----------actual 13

Ray Rice- Coming off of a horrible trap game. Hes hungry and ready for yards. Playing the Cardinals.
24 points.   Actual------27

Jakie Battle- Playing SD.
Not convinced on him yet. But forced to play him due to injuries. Once Coach figures out that he sould start and play every down, Then he shall do well. But this week, 9 points, 6 more IF he scores.-----Actual 11

Will edit soon.....

Fantasy Week 11-6-2011----(Projections)

My line Up-
Aaron Rodgers-------24
Ray Rice--------------17
Fred Jackson---------22
Chris Johnson--------8
Heyward Bey----------12
Stevie Johnson--------7
Brent Celek-----------11
Packers D-------------9
Billy Cundiff-----------12

We will see how this looks on tuesday
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